Appointed as Deputy Chairman in 17th Sep. 2017. Appointed as a Commissioner on the JCS Board of Commissioners as of 5/6/2014. Dr. Zoubi has a PhD in Economics/ Monetary and Fiscal Policy from Texas Tech. University / USA since 2004. He had earned a Master's Degree in Economics from the University of Jordan in 1997 and a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Yarmouk University in 1988.
Dr. Zoubi has assumed several positions in the ministries and institutions as follows: he worked at the Central Bank of Jordan since 1988 and graduated in several positions until he became Executive Director of the Department of Research and Studies. During that period he has won the King Abdullah II Award of Excellence for Leaders and Supervisors for 2009.
He moved to the Ministry of Finance and worked at first as an Economist at the Minister's Office and then he supervised the work of the Directorate of Studies and Policies at the Ministry, until he was appointed as Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance in 26/2/2012.
Dr. Zoubi worked as a visiting professor at Texas Tech University/ USA and served as Dean of the Institute of Banking Studies/ Jordan and also taught as part-time professor at a number of national universities. He has some of published and unpublished economic researches.